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COVID-19 (new coronavirus) outbreak - Notice for visa applicants



COVID-19 (new coronavirus) outbreak - Notice for visa applicants

A new Decree of the President of the Council of Minister (dpcm 9 march 2020) was issued yesterday containing urgent measures to
fight and contain the diffusion of COVID-19 virus. Among the most important measures, the decree states that any movement of persons (both within the national territory and in entry/exit) should be avoided. This measure applies now to the whole territory of Italy, limiting the freedom of movement on the national territory.

Return to home for residents is allowed. There are also restrictions on public activities (sports, catering, religious functions) and any form of gathering of people in public places or any place open to the public. In addition to the closure of the schools, already in force since February 5, museums activities, events and shows are suspended.

It is recommended to always keep at least one meter distance from other people ("social distancing").

The following are the most important aspects for nationals and non-nationals abroad:

  • Nationals residing in Italy (as well as foreign citizens), who are abroad, can – if the means of transport are operational -
  • enter to return to their home;
  • Nationals residing abroad (as well as foreign citizens, including tourists), who are in Italy, can - if the means of
  • transport are operational - leave to return to their home;
  • Entry and exit are permitted for proven urgent needs.
  • Travels for tourism should be absolutely avoided;
  • The obligation to communicate to the Prevention Department of the competent Health Authority remains valid for those who arrive in Italy from Countries at risk, as identified by WHO.

We encourage all applicants to reschedule all their travel plans and meetings.

-  If you have already submitted your application and the decision has not been taken yet, you can reschedule your travel plans or withdraw your application without any prejudice by sending an e-mail to the visa section of the Embassy . Please note that the visa fee cannot be refunded.

- If you already hold a short period visa that has not been used due to the current situation and you wish to reschedule your trip,

please contact the Embassy by e-mail.